Senin, 12 Mei 2014

Still You

 Even if I repeat to myself NO, my heart still says you are the one.

Even if I look away as if nothing happened, I cannot hide my beating heart. Even if I promise and plead to my heart that I cannot be like this, my heart is still shadowed by yearning. Like time fades away I'm worried that the memories will one by one fade away. Is love all shattered away? I call out your name alone but still you would not answer me. Will you look at me now ? and then the past drenched with happiness is slowly vanishing. Will you think of me still ? I hope the days that you call my name with your shy lips can come again. Even it is awkward I still look at out. I thank for this moment to be with you draw in my mind that I will remind this day once and close my eyes and smile.

Will there be any love left for us?
Even if you forget I will keep it in my heart ~

#play - Jung Jae Wook ~ Take care my heart

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