Selasa, 11 Juni 2013


I didn’t know when you were with me, I didn’t know even after you left. But after time passed, I finally realized. No matter who I met, I kept thinking about you. So I kept getting scared, because it seemed like a mistake to let you go.

What do I do?
After all this time, I am regretting that I let you go.
I’m not confident that I can change your mind after making you cry but give me one more chance. 

I’m sorry so come back
I’m regretting so come back
Come back when you hear this song
Wherever you are, whoever you’re with

How far did you go?
Did your heart already turn around?
Your heart that was hurt because of me. Did it harden? Baby stop – come back to me, you know I only have you. I know I did you wrong, you’re right. As soon as you left me, this longing grew and my emotions rose up.

Now I only know you alone
I don’t know why I didn’t say this for all this time.
I’m sorry and I love you 

Come back when you hear this song ~ 2pm